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I am not sure how one would review the performance, or experience one has when faced with having to employ the services of legal professional because your world is or already has turned upside down.

Matthew in my mind displays all the attributes of a person who genuinely cares about his client and how they are treated, he has empathy, but more than that, he somehow can make sense of the confusion and hurt that one feels and help you make the right choices.
Matthew also tells you the way it is, by this I mean if you have a case, he will know and will be in boots and all to get the best result for you, equally if he can see you have little to gain, and more to lose he will tell you as well.

Matthew is the true professional in his field, I have required his services at least 5 times in the last 10 years, and each time he has made me feel welcome, handled my issue with integrity, and truly made me feel like he was treating me special and shielding me from harm. Matthew is part of my support network when I need him, he makes the time to listen, understand and talks through the options, he is quick to complement when appropriate, yet can put up an impregnable wall of defence when required, to ensure your views are heard and understood.

In short if anyone is looking for someone who specialises in employment law Matthew Ward Johnson is your man. Thank you Matthew for all your help and advice. You are one of life’s good bastards, thank you so much, kind regards Keith

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