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Completely Unprofessional
Booked a time to get a wof for a classic Car. Got to the shop 5 minutes early so they could fit it in without too much hassle. Got there to be told they were full and then they pushed us out the door; rudely calling the car rubbish as we were leaving. This place proved themselves to be dodgy and unprofessional. Would not recommend to anyone.
Tried to book in for a time very unpleasant and lost my business
Not impressed at all. Go in for wof. Failed on brakes left the shop to bring back on Monday got up the road and my wheel stud flys out because he forgot to put on a nut. Not the end of world go to repco but a new one at my cost sweet as. Drop car back in today to fit new brakes and omg what a joke leave the place and I have literally no brakes atall straight to the floor. I now have to go back and try get my money back. They are literally worse off . Not even bolted in just a piece of tin can holding the outer pad on. Beware I would highly recommend no one going there. The safety of your life and others is too high. Absolute backyard dodgy repair man. No way
Cheap and very quick!
Went in for Wof, failed and thought I fixed the things it failed on. Took it back and one of the things wasn't fixed well enough. The main mechanic started yelling that I was wasting his time then charged me a 'rechecking fee' or I'm never to come back. You legally can't charge for rechecking a vehicle and kept the warrant sheet when I went to leave.
Have been here many times for WOF and the odd mechanical work. Has been time and time again quick, reliable and also cheap. Trustworthy mechanics are hard to find and John is one of the best.
Initially, the mechanic was great, he looked at our warrant of fitness inspection sheet and priced everything that needed to be done. He said $600 but decided to give me a discount, I agreed on $550 and he told me to pick it up the following morning.

Next morning came and he couldn't get the parts, so, he saids come back on Tuesday. It was a Saturday so I understood the difficulty in ordering parts on a Friday.

It's Tuesday, I go back to pick up the car and the mechanic(John Lee) saids he broke the front hubs trying to remove them, "extra $200, no charge labour." His exact words. I hadn't recieve a phone call or advised about anything. It was already fixed when I arrived. Pressing me to pay, he then gives me a free WOF. I asked him why I should pay $200 for parts he broke it himself.

In the end, he snatched the keys off me agressively. I decided to pay because I really needed the car. The car has not been fixed properly and cv noise is worse then before. Worst mechanic I've ever been to!
Reply by john
17 Dec, 2014
How old was your car?.I think your car value was under $800.How much did you buy?
as my memory. your suzuki car was made before 1990.
and. your car has failed WOF from other workshop.(Brake & cylinders etc)
When i took off cv Joints ,seized bearing togather we could not seperate cv joint from hub bearing.Whichever I tried get off some parts. all most of parts was about broken.
for your car repairing. I lost my money. because, your mum or wife was my wifes freind.
If you buy cheap old car. Repair cost should be high.
whenthe car les $3000
Reply by dan
23 Jan, 2015
Hey ok motors can use do green sticker remove wof cheers i think u guys are great and a fantastic job on my cars