Building Site Tidy

Price: $55.00
Having a relatively tidy site for the duration of the build has so many positives.

It minimises hazards
It prevents rubbish and excess building materials from blowing onto the road, other properties, etc
It's cosmetically pleasant for the general public or potential customers when they pass by

That's just to name a few reasons. We must remember that every new build is an advertisement for your company and no one wants to see an untidy, unorganised advertisement.

A Pre Carpet is the act of sweeping out the house. This includes removing dust from all skirting boards and window sills. This service makes it easier for the Carpet/vinyl layers or tilers.

We are now charging an hourly rate for these services. You'll find that the average time that we spend on a site is 2 hours. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

Big building companies pay smaller builders and tradies extra to clean up after themselves. They do not always have the time to do this so the Project Manager is sometimes required to cover the short fall. Everyone on a building site...Builders, Project Managers, etc are extremely busy and booking someone like us makes life just so much easier.

If you are a large company and you are concerned about having to pay your Builders to do this and then have to pay someone else, then talk to your Builders. You'll quickly find out that they are quite happy to pay for us to come in and help keep the site in a manageable state.

The positives of this service far outway any negatives. If you can think of any negatives, feel free to let me know.

One person has said too us "If others knew that someone else was going to tidy up after them, then they won't bother to even try maintaining housekeeping".

This isn't our experience. We find that the ones who don't bother to maintain housekeeping are the ones who wouldn't bother anyway.
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