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Told me I could have walked
I gave it a 1 because there is no zero. I asked the driver to take me to Jucy Snooze. He told me I should walk. That had had waited 3 hours for this fare. So What? I am a 62 year old woman, it was dark and I did not know the way so of course I could not walk. How rude. Do Mainland Taxis know how rude their drivers are to visitors to Christchurch. I will not use Mainland again as I have found out that you do not have to use the first in the taxi queue. Do not use Mainland
I cooked my last piece of Fishers Silverside today, and yest it will be the last.. I have been cooking silverside for 57 years and never been as disappointed as I have been with Fishers Silverside. Today's piece weighed 1.024 kg before it was cooked.. After cooked it weighed 468 gr. I know meat does shrink, but all the silverside from Fishers have lost far more than the normal shrinkage. I think it must be pumping fluid into it.. And it has very little taste not like property corned meat usually tastes. As I said earlier, I will NOT be buying Fishers Silverside again.
Paddle boards not delivered
I arranged for two paddle boards to be shipped form Auckland to Indonesia, with Divine Logistics. Sunny Kapoor stated that this would be a door to door delivery. The boards were to be picked up, packaged and sent. The boards were sent and then left at a customs warehouse in Indonesia. Sunny then said it was my responsibility to pick them up, when Divine Logistics agents were supposed to do this. I did pick the boards up and had to pay stevedoring, forklift, administration and storage costs. All these costs were supposed to have been covered by Divine Logistics. On top of this the boards were not packaged, just a piece of clear film wrapped around them.
I would not recommend Divine Logistics.
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