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Company owners listed on frequently share positive feedback about the site's effectiveness in driving traffic and increasing sales.
Thanks guys, I found the listing process easy. I appreciate the opportunity to promote our employment law firm.
Thank you for a great service. Your platform is easy to use and very professionally presented.
It was a great experience to list my business on
Registering with Businesslist was quick and easy. SEO is improved and online exposure increased.
I found it easy to log in. The format was good. Thank you Nicholas Heller.
Awesome Business listing. I've received a few calls from my business listing which has eventuated in product sales so the ranking of the this site is very good. Cheers.
I found business list easy to use, It's important to be quickly found online in today's market and Business List helps us do that in an easy way.
4 Photos for free and a long description. Its the nicest free business listing format in NZ after google my business.
Really smooth experience, very easy and intuitive to post a listing, beautiful, modern directory. Listings appear quite high in Google so great if you don't have a website yet. I highly recommend all businesses post with BusinessList!
Pleasant 'no-fuss' on-line registration to Business List - thanks -
easy to use and effective thanks
The site is well laid out and the listing experience was user friendly.
So far so good. I have found the website easy to use.
It is great way of listing your business plus more
Such a awesome platform....Keep it up !!!!
The Bussiness List is a great resource, thanks team!