Gesta ERP

A Cloud ERP Solution which suits for Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer to improve their productivity and growth
To support new business models, enterprises are integrating cloud-based ERP applications that can scale to new customer demands. Enterprises opt for Cloud ERP solution and applications that can scale across human resources, supplier management, production, e-commerce, customer relationship management, selling, Inventory Management, Marketing, and many other areas. ERP systems are enabling enterprises to make the most of their legacy, on premise ERP systems while scaling their IT strategies to align with and accelerate current and future customer-driven business models. ERP systems are especially valuable for manufacturers who rely on diverse sourcing, supply chain, production and service operations as they can unify a company across diverse locations.
Gesta ERP provides a robust mobile application for Order Taking and is accessible across all platforms. Mobile application provides all details to the sales representatives for hassle free and quick order taking.
One Solution which Provides a 3600 View of Your Business
Gesta ERP connects you entire operation with single integrated solution that provides you with greater visibility making it easier to share information and communicate.
Get more Done, Faster
Increase user productivity and accelerate adoption with an intuitive web user interface that suits personalized user works
Reduced lead times and increased throughput
Quick addition of new reports and customization of existing reports
Accessible from anywhere over the Internet; available on iPad / smart phones
Accurate records
Increased customer satisfaction
Scalable, flexible, agile, suitable for businesses of all sizes
Real-time information for decisions.
Our focus is to develop and deliver excellent ERP solutions tailored for companies, so they can improve the performance of their businesses.

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