18mm table

18mm Table Tennis Table l

full size, lockable

Delivery to any part of NZ please ask for a quote

All tables for delivery will be charged out at $50 and then any balance will be invoiced

Please compare with other tables and see the strength difference
Full-size table
Rtt 18 mm table
95 kg in the box
FEATURES: 6 balls 2 good Dawei $40 bats and a $45.00 729 clamp net
Blue playing surface to help make a white ball more visible.
Solid MDF table with steel frame and steel legs - very sturdy. 50 x 50 legs bigger than other tables
locking wheels
Simply fold the legs out, push the two halves of the table together and attach the net.
Play back facility

two tables pushed together are 159cm wide x 163 cm high x 73cm from the widest points of the feet

adjustable feet which can be extended by 20mm to ensure a level playing surface.
Net attaches to the table by fitting over 2 clamping brackets, 1 on each side which can be clamped over the join of the 2 table halves table is 2740mm long, 1525mm wide x 755mm (high).
Table top is 18 mm
Rodney's Table Tennis RTT

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