Three Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Business Website

Three Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Business Website

Sometimes you’ve got a great business idea, but it’s just hard to get it out there. Whether you are in a start-up company or in a long running organization, those very same struggles require the same solutions. Below, we recommend three different strategies for getting your brand name and website out there stronger than ever.

Providing cross-platform services

More and more businesses are adapting their web platforms to mobile platforms as apps, as mobile usage is increasing and improving. Despite this being a very modern and forward-thinking outlook, it may alienate some more old-school customers.

Take for example the gambling community. Before the pandemic, going to your local betting or game shop could be a social activity and, though they were not the largest target group, the older generation often saw it as a weekly social club. As Covid-19 hit, these shops were closed, and more betting sites and game shops joined high stakes online casinos on the web to secure their finances. However, the small telephone screen might be difficult to navigate for elderly hands. By providing services to both laptop and mobile platforms your website will be more inclusive and reach more groups.

Increase your exposure through partnerships

You don’t have to be a large organization to have meaningful partnerships, and you don’t need to be a small shop to have important local partners. By simply reaching out to other organizations in your area or related businesses and/or blogs, you can basically substitute ‘word-of-mouth’ for ‘word-of-web’.

In other words, by being mentioned on other websites through partnerships, for example in supporting local events or fundraisers, you create exposure to a larger circle of people. These circles might even include target groups and audiences that were unexpected and that you had missed in your previous planning. After all, people are more likely to trust you and your company if they have been recommended by someone, they find credible.

Inviting customer contact

Welcoming outreach online is just as important as a staff member, welcoming a customer in a physical shop. If your potential customers feel seen and heard, they are more likely to consider your business as customer friendly. This can be done by for example having a clear section on your webpage which lays out clear contact information, such as address, phone number, email, and opening hours.

Furthermore, if you speak about customer service encouragingly and welcomingly on your webpage, the message that you care about your customers is stronger. For example, if your webpage focuses on customers with relatively little knowledge in your area, a simple sentence inviting customers to call you if they have any questions will feel inviting to customer-business relations. By then also providing customer-caring responses you will increase your word-of-mouth referrals, again creating more trust between you and new potential customers.

Simply putting, there are multiple advantages of investing in great customer service.


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